Thursday, September 29, 2011

Everytime feels like the first time.

Blogging. The title was referring to blogging. Not that first time. I'm innocent. *looks innocent* haha, no really. I am a unicorn (ie. a virgin). Okay. Now that you know I haven't done the dirty, can we proceed with this blog post? Great. :P 

I haven't blogged in months and months and months. I'm such an awful blogger! I'm sorry, beautiful people! (all 5 of you, haha...) 

Anyhoo. This blog will basically be a sum up of the life that was never blogged about for the past few months/weeks. Not that I have much of a life. True story. Okay, here goes nothing...

Friend and Fabio

I don't know if you remember the whole Fabio story that I blogged about a while back? Involving Pin Head? But, short story shorter, things didn't work out. I'm not entirely sure why, but the Snuggie of their relationship started unravelling when my friend's ex-boyfriend told her that he saw Fabio at the movies with another girl. You are probably thinking "Never trust an ex!" That's exactly what I thought, too. However, my friend confronted Fabio, and it turned out that the ex told the truth. Fabio was at the movies with another girl. But that other girl was his best friend. They go way back, apparently. And I know you're probably thinking "Guys are never just 'best friends' with a girl." And maybe you're right. But I honestly do believe that that girl was just Fabio's best friend. Fabio was crazy about my friend. Absolutely head over heels, weak at the knees crazy about her. But all that's over. My friend ended it will Fabio (much to the dismay of the rest of us who thought that our friend really had a catch! A cute, foreign lover. :P haha) and now he's moved on (not with Pin Head, thank God). But he's being kind of douchey about it. His douchey ways might come up in another topic later on...

Fashion Show

Every year at my school, the Grade 11's have a Fashion Show. This year, I happen to be in Grade 11! So, we all got really amped and as soon as it was announced that auditions had started, everyone rushed off to see if they could walk the walk. I didn't audition, though. I mean, I didn't want to overshadow the others. ;) Haha, just kidding. It just isn't my thing, really. I supported my grade by watching, though! And the show was AMAZING! I was really impressed at the amount of hard work everyone put in to making the show the great success that it was. As great as it was, Fabio's douchey ways made an appearance on the Friday night show. My friend - the Fabio friend -  was in the Fashion Show, and she told us that Fabio was in the audience with his girlfriend. Oh, whatever. But during the routine when my friend had to stand facing that particular side of the audience, Fabio and his girlfriend rested their elbows on the elbow-rest while holding hands. So, their forearms were up straight (I don't know if you get my description? It would be easier if I could show you haha) as if he was saying to my friend, "Look here. She's mine. I don't need you, I can have whoever I want." So. Yeah. Just a tad douchey. Unless we are just overreacting. Which could be the case. I mean, we're girls, it's what we do. :P

Matric/Farewell Dance

Okay. I know I'm not in Matric yet. And I still have one more year before I do any farewell-ing. But, as a girl, I can't help but think about my Matric Dance dress. What colour? What style? Should I get it made, or should I take the risk of rocking up in the same dress as someone else by buying it at a shop? Not to forget the makeup. And the shoes. And the accessories. And maybe a purse. Maybe. But the real pressing matter here is, people have started asking other people to be their date to the dance! And I'm over here like, is anyone going to ask me? Not that I care or anything. I'd probably say no to half of the guys in our grade, anyway. I just... want someone to ask me. Not just ANY one. THE one. The Boy. The cute one, standing over there. Do you see him? I really hope he asks me. But I have a feeling he won't. Only time will tell...  

(And in more recent news...) Technology

I just made a GREAT DISCOVERY! When I click on things twice, they load quicker! True story. That is all.

This post is pretty long. I actually have more of a life than I thought I had! This is a great day. Haha. I'm sure I've missed something out. Perhaps I'll post tomorrow. This is all for now, folks.   


Friendly Llama :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

If you've been on my blog recently, you probably noticed that it had a little TLC. What was just a picture of llamas (llamas are rad) is now a unique header with a llama... IN A HAT!

I know what you're probably thinking, "Whoa, you have mad MS Paint skills." Yeh, who knew, right?
Haha. Nah, I can't take any credit for my header. Besides the idea of the llama in a hat. The person who made my header is my beautiful, witty, funny and awesome friend, Gnetch!

So, I just wanted to say a big thank you to her :) Now go read her blog. GO

Hmmmm. I quite like writing with the alignment on "centre".

Love Friendly Llama~

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hope for Japan

I hate waking up to bad news, the way I did yesterday. I spent the whole day glued to the screen, watching the footage on CNN of the waves devouring houses and cars in Japan. My heart breaks for all those who were affected by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the tsunami. Such a devestating event to have happened.

If you are wanting to help, but aren't sure how, then please read Jay's latest blog post.  Also, keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers.

I am sending love and hope to all those who were affected.

There is hope.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I remember when I used to think boys had cooties.

One of the most difficult thing I've ever attempted to do, was to write a blog post while in the same room as my eldest brother. I literally couldn't do it. He never shuts up and he is so loud. That's why, the blog I'm writing now should have been written last night, but due to certain circumstances... you catch my drift.

I should actually be at school right now, but it's Sports Day; a day I try my utmost to avoid. Sport and I do not go well together. We're like the ocean and the Titanic (I'm sure that saying has been used somewhere before... dammit.) I have never been the sporty type. Okay, except when I was like, 7. But you love everything when you're 7. Except boys.

That I find strange.

Now I'm disinterested in sport and VERY interested in boys. Actually, scratch that. I'm interested in sport when there are hot guys on the teams. There are always exceptions, though. I love watching Rugby, and not only because James O' Conner is the cutest thing since puppy paws.

James loves animals. He is so hot right now.

But doesn't it suck when you find someone interesting but they like someone else/don't find you interesting/don't know you even exist? Or what about when you start to find someone interesting, that no body else finds interesting, and then all of a sudden everyone thinks that person is interesting! (I use the word "interesting" a lot :P Haha)

The mind of a teenage girl. But it's not only teenage girls who feel that way. Girls of all ages.

Except 7 year olds.

One word: Cooties.

Life was easier when I thought boys had Cooties.

Love, Friendly Llama~

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I am such a NOOB

Firstly, I'd just like to say thank you to my first followers! I would hug you guys right now, but we're kinda separated by a computer screen... Haha. *cyber hug*. Secondly, and I'm not quite sure how this happened, but it could be due to the fact that I'm a noob, I followed myself! People are going to think I'm vain. Following my own blog. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. Haha.

It feels cool having followers, though. Knowing that I'm not just typing random babble for no one. Now I'm typing random babble for others! SUCCESS :P

(I'm sorry about my random babble.)

You know, being a teenage girl is tough... But perhaps that is a blog for another day. WTF am I talking about? Told you I'm a noob, in all my noobish ways. I'm so nooby!

I think I'm going slightly mad, so I will leave you now. I will be back, though. With better posts than this, I promise! Haha. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to my followers :) You guys are the sprinkles to my vanilla-ice cream.

                                           Mmmm, ice-cream.

Love, Friendly Llama~

Friday, January 7, 2011

Well, my mom thinks I'm cool.

Do you know someone who cares way too much about what other people think of them?
They feel like the core of the Earth is going to open up and consume them whole if they don't "fit in".
What is "fitting in" anyway? And why is it so important to so many people?

I understand that you want people to like you. Everyone wants that. I'm sure this thought has crossed everyones mind at least once, "Will they like me?". And you gotta learn in this big bad world, that not everyone is going to like you. I know, I know. WTF, right? You're a decent person, but that douche lord hates you for some reason. You didn't even do anything to them. What gives?
Truth is, no one knows. Maybe they have self esteem issues and are intimidated by your awesomeness?

But then again, there are people you probably don't like for no particular reason too. C'mon, admit it! It's the circle of life, my dears (not really). Haha.


There are 2 types of people in the world;

Ones that realise someone doesn't like them and thinks, "Whatever! At least my mom thinks I'm cool! Asshole..." and carries on living their lives.

Then there's the other type. And these types of people annoy me. They're the ones who realise someone doesn't like them for no particular reason and thinks, "Oh, God! What's wrong with me? What can I do to gain this persons approval? I'm not cool enough, is that it? Oh, man. Oh, brother. The only way to survive and to not be consumed by the Earth is to change myself completely, to do things that I don't normally do and to say things that I don't normally say. I need to do it to fit in. I NEED TO DO IT TO GET LAID!" um...? Haha? *awkward laughter*

Okay, first of all, dumbass... You're going to be acting as someone you're not. And guess what? Those people aren't gonna like you for you, they're gonna like this fake personna that you came up with. Well done.
And second of all, HASN'T DR SEUSS TAUGHT YOU ANYTHING?! One of the greatest quotes to ever be said came from the mouth of Dr Seuss, "I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam-I-am."


That's not the quote I was looking for... it's this one, "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

So, yeh. Think about that before you go changing who you are to please somebody else.

Dr Seuss is a genius!

Friendly Llama out :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

I will lick your face (and you think I'm joking)

In my opinion, a lick on the cheek is the same as a hug. Only wetter. And better.

But here's a few of my favourite guys that I'd gladly introduce to my tongue :P

What? I'm an adolescent... Bite me!

Johnny Depp

Oh, swoon! He has got to be one of the most beautiful men that I have ever laid my eyes on. I mean, look at his face! It's perfect in every way. Just look at those intense eyes, and those LIPS! He was even sexy as a pirate. Arrrrrg, matey ;)

Heath Ledger

A brilliant actor and an absolutely gorgeous piece of cream pie, who left this sweet earth much too soon. He had me in "10 Things I Hate About You" - amazing movie! Watch it if you haven't... Hell, if you have, watch it again. Ohhhhh...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I just have a few words for this one: Take me now, Joseph, take me now!!! Yes, he was also in "10 Things I Hate About You" and "Inception" - another awesome movie that you must try and get your hands on ASAP if you haven't seen it! HURRY! GO, GO, GO!

There are so many beautiful men out there, but I only have so much patience and my Internet is having a WTF moment  time for one more. I'll leave you in antici...pation a while longer.  


Okay, I won't keep you waiting any longer!

Steven Patrick Morrissey (aka Morrissey)

"??? Whaaaaaa? What? Who? Who's that? Where's Rob Pattinson or Bieber?"

Firstly, Robert Pattinson and Justin Bieber are boys. I like MEN.
Secondly, have you not heard of The Smiths, one of the most amazing bands of the 1980's?

Well, here is something for those of you whose ears have been deprived of the beautiful sound that is The Smiths;

Now then... oh, yes. Morrissey happens to be the lead singer of that band. He's easy to notice really - he's the guy with the freakin' awesome hair and the voice of 1000 angels.

(Oh, these pictures are from the 70's/80's, because that's when he looked the yummiest! He still has the yumminess factor, but, more so in the 70's/80's.)

Gorgeous, ain't he? I would add more pictures of him, but technology is working against me today, I'm afraid!

I hope you enjoyed my collection of guys-whose-faces-I-would-SO-lick!

- Friendly Llama out